Rajgad (literally meaning Royal Fort) is one of the forts in the Pune district of Maharashtra state in India. The fort is around 1,400 m (4,600 ft) above sea level. Formerly known as Murumdev, it was capital of the Maratha Empire during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years, after which he moved the capital to Raigad Fort. Treasure found at an adjacent fort was used to fortify this hill. The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 km (25 mi) making it difficult for anybody to lay siege to it, adding to its strategic value. The fort is located 60 km (37 mi) to the South West of Pune, about 15 km (9.3 mi) West of Nasrapur, in the Sahyadris range. The highest part of the fort has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves.


Torna Fort, also known as Prachandagad, is a large fort located in Pune district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is historically significant because it was the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1643, at the age of 16, forming the nucleus of the Maratha empire. This fort is believed to have been constructed by the Shaiva Panth, followers of the Hindu god Shiva, in the 13th century. A Menghai Devi temple, also referred to as the Tornaji temple, is situated near the entrance of the fort. Location The fort is about 50 km southwest of Pune in the Western Ghats Sahyadri mountain range at the base village Velhe. One can go from Pune via Satara road take right at Nasrapur. It is the highest fort in Pune district.


Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple, identified to be a Hindu pilgrimage site which is located at Legship, West Sikkim, India along the banks of River Rangeet.,[1] which has many mythological episodes of the Mahabharata attached to it. The temple is also known as Kirateshwar Mahadev Thaan or simply known as Shiv Mandir by the local people. Main Attraction The main attraction of the temple are the festival of the Bala Chaturdesi, which is observed in November–December every year and the Shiv Ratri also known as Maha Shivaratri which falls in the month of February or March every year. There are other temples dedicated to Lord Rama and Durga can be found here making it an important pilgrimage destination for Hindus.

Shivapur Dargah

Khed Shivapur[1] is a Village in Haveli Taluka in Pune District of Maharashtra State, India. It belongs Paschim Maharashtra region . It is located ~25 KM towards South from Pune city. 23 KM from Pune.As this place is located on a highway there are many transportation services available from all parts of the country. Pune is well connected to all major cities India.Hazrat Kamar Ali Darvesh is the beautiful Dargah situated on Pune-Satara NH4 highway around 16 kms away from the main Pune city. It is located in a small village known as Khed Shivapur.This Dargah is named after a very famous saint by name Pir Kamarali Darvesh and it is about 700 years old. He was honored as a highly spiritual person.

Balaji Temple

Mini Tirupati, Sri Venkateshwara Temple, located at Kapurhol junction, District is Diwale. Please do not ask about narayanpur. Nobody knows it. After you cross pune junction, approximately 12 kms towards Satara, keep looking on your left. You will definitely see the big board of the temple. Its just before Bhor Phata, where Shivaji Maharaj's dwelling was confirmed. So if you don't get directions, then ask about Bhor junction. All locals know it. If you have reached Bhor, that means you have crossed the Kapurhol junction, which was just 1 km behind.